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Application Instructions

Application and removal methods.

  • Air and surface temperature must be 50°F (5°C) and rising.
  • SURFACE MUST BE COMPLETELY DRY. Moisture bag test should be used to confirm.
  • Surface must be free of any contaminants, which may include but not limited to, oils, grease, sand, dirt, dust, loose aggregate, curing compound, mud, soil and salt.
  • Portland Cement concrete curing compound must be completely removed by sandblasting, water blasting or grinding of the road surface. *If water blasting method is chosen a minimum of 24 hours drying time is required before tape installation.
  • Do not apply tape directly over deteriorating markings or substrates, or lane delineation devices.
  • Tapes or Rumble Strips applied directly over seams or joints must be cut through 1" on both sides of the seams or joints to prevent de-bonding of large sections of tape. New asphalt should be allowed to cool to a minimum temperature of 100°F before installation.
  • Firmly tamp longitudinal tape in the same direction as tape was applied on the initial pass. A minimum of three passes total are required. Use a tamper device with a minimum 200 lb. (90kg) load and a tamping surface a minimum 2" wider than the width of tape being applied. Never twist the tamper device during tamping. Repeat tamping as necessary to insure tape has completely conformed to the road surface.
  • Nighttime installations must be completely dry for a minimum of 24 hours prior to installation and remain completely dry for a minimum of 24 hours after installation.
  • ATM Removable Primer should be used under the following marginal conditions:
    • When air or surface temperatures are expected to fall below 40°F (5°C) within 24 hours of installation.
    • If rain is expected within 24 hours after installation, ATM does not recommend installation, and doing so will void the warranty. ATM also understands certain situations require installation outside of our recommendations. In such cases, ATM primer should always be used.
    • When road surfaces are marginal see the ATM Surface Guide.
  • When removing tape, pull tape at a 90° angle to the pavement.
  • Marked roadway can be open to traffic immediately.

If an installer has questions concerning the types of surface that preformed polymer tape can be applied or weather conditions not referred to above, they may contact their local ATM Regional Manager or 252-536-2574 ext.5138.

Safety Data Sheets are available.