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ATM Permanent Symbols

Our high-impact markings keep traffic moving safely through parking lots, garages, warehouses, loading docks, side streets, or anywhere you need a bright, clear message. Durable pre-cut markings have a pressure-sensitive adhesive for quick application. With no mess to clean up and no drying time, marked roadways can be opened to traffic immediately.

Removable Symbols are manufactured from our 200 series tape. The symbols maintain a secure bond in high-traffic areas through hot and cold climates. These markings enable identification of virtually any outdoor space or parking lot.

A complete line of legends and symbols are available that meet MUTCD and state specifications.


Constructed from our durable tape grades, symbols will maintain a secure, permanent bond in high-traffic areas through hot and cold climates.

  • Disabled Access
  • Arrows
  • RxR Crossing

Off-Highway Markings

Any message or combination of letters and numbers are available in a variety of colors and sizes.

  • No Parking
  • Visitors
  • Fire Lane
  • Exit Only
  • Reserved
  • Only


ATM Permanent Symbols & Legends Request

Safety Data Sheets are available.