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ATM Removable Primer is a high solids content primer designed to provide a moisture barrier on concrete and asphalt surfaces. This Primer is intended to be used in combination with ATM 200 highway tape, ATM MaxVision 200 highway tape and ATM Temporary Rumble strip. Primer should be used when rain or high moisture levels are present or expected within 24 hours of highway tape installation. ATM Removable Primer is always recommended for temporary applications of ATM Rumble strip.


Each batch is tested to assure compliance with stringent ATM quality control specifications for Viscosity and percent solids.

Physical Properties

Composition: ATM Removable Primer is a solvent based, polymeric product with a high solids content. Only the highest quality raw materials are used during the manufacturing process.

Applicability To Pavement Surfaces: ATM Removable Primer shall be applied to clean and dry surfaces in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. This product is designed to be applied at temperatures above 40°F (5°C). See Manufacturer's Application Instructions included in each box highway tape.

Adhesion: ATM Removable Primer will adhere to Portland cement concrete or asphalt roadway surfaces when applied according to the manufacturer’s recommended procedures and should be completely dry before highway tape is added.

Test Typical Value
Percent Solids 21.75%
Brookfield Viscosity 30 cps @ 75° F
Flash Point < 16° F

Performance Requirements:

ATM Removable Primer, when applied according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, shall provide a minimum service period of 24 months.

In snow removal areas, plowing may shorten primer and ATM highway tape’s life cycle.


ATM Removable Primer will cover approximately 200 sq feet depending on road surface. Spray should be at least one inch wider on each side of the chosen highway tape width. (ex: 6 inch spray for 4 inch tape)

If an installer has questions concerning the types of surfaces and/or the weather conditions where primer should be used with ATM highway tape, they may contact their local ATM Regional Manager or 252-536-2574 ext. 5138.

Safety Data Sheets are available.