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Speeding and inattentive driving are the leading causes of accidents in high pedestrian areas. ATM Rumble Strips alert drivers and slow traffic without the added time and expense of installing thermoplastic, asphalt, or grooved rumble strips.


  • Commands driver attention in pedestrian areas
  • Bright orange makes dangerous areas highly visible

Self-adhesive rumble strips create a visual, audible, and physical alert to drivers in traffic areas where caution is critical, such as school and airport pick-up and drop-off zones, hospitals, and other pedestrian areas. The highly visible, bright orange rumble strips focus drivers' attention on the road and surroundings, while a repeating "rumble" sound and physical vibration increases drivers' awareness.

Rubber-based ATM rumble strips install easily with no special equipment. Specially designed for concrete and asphalt surfaces, rumble strips have a pre-applied adhesive backing that creates a secure bond to the road surface. Quick installation reduces the amount of time workers are exposed to dangerous traffic conditions. Roadways can be opened to traffic immediately after installation.

The strips are available in 4" x 96' rolls. Rumble Strips are available in orange, white, and black. Use Rumble Strips in conjunction with ATM's extensive line of highway markings including arrows and symbols.

Thickness: 0.250 Inches (6.3mm)

ATM Rumble Strips Specifications

Specifications for Rumble Strip Polymer Tape

Installation is easy! Just clean the area, position the strips and tamp them down. The roadway can be opened to traffic immediately.

ATM Rumble Strips are designed to be used on asphalt and concrete road surfaces.They are supplied with a pre-applied, proprietary adhesive and are available in various widths and roll lengths. Not for application on asphalt surfaces less than 30 days old.

Physical Properties

Composition: ATM Rumble Strips are produced from high-quality polymers, pigments, and process aids.

Application: ATM Rumble Strips will adhere to asphalt or portland cement concrete roadway surfaces when applied according to the manufacturer’s recommended procedures. Ambient temperatures, 24 hours before and after, of 50°F (10°C) and rising. See Manufacturer's Application Instructions included in each box.

Adhesion: High-tack, user-friendly, proprietary polymeric adhesive which provides a permanent bond to the road surface.

Applicability To Pavement Surfaces: Refer to ATM Rumble Strip Application instructions included with each box.

Color: Orange, Black, and White*

Tensile Strength: 250 psi minimum tested according to ASTM D638

Fade Resistance: 4 Minimum, tested according to ASTM G-23 Method H for 50 hours.

Hardness: 75-105 Shore “A” Durometer

Thickness: 0.250 Inches (6.3mm)

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Safety Data Sheets are available.